Club Skydive Booking Confirmation


The Club Skydive Booking Confirmation which we sent to you by email contains the following important information:

  • Skydive Date

  • Time of Arrival

  • Club Member ID

Photo Identification Requirement


You must have a valid drivers licence, garda id or passport identification on the day.

Public Services Card will not be accepted 

If you do not you will not be permitted to skydive. 

Location of Irish Skydiving Club


Our skydiving club is based at Kilkenny Airport which is located just 3km outside Kilkenny City - Google Maps Kilkenny Airport to find us Eircode R95Y6VA. 

Arrival Times / Jump Times

The Club only provides the time to arrive to the dropzone. The Club is unable to confirm what time any member will actually jump. Delays can occur for any amount of reasons including weather,Operational tech issues and aircraft tech issues .  Such is the nature of sport skydiving.

You Should Allow all day for your skydive as some time it can take all day 

Once you arrive you should insure your face covering is on

proceed to the tower building and wash your hands in the bathrooms

once this is done proceed to manifest follow the signs for check in 

Waiting Times

Several of your fellow Club Members will skydive on the same day. The Club issues arrival times and the Skydive Manifest operates on a first-come-first-serve basis. Typically around 6 Club Members jump per hour when everything runs according to schedule - subject to weather or tech issues.  

Club Weather Notifications

For safety reasons Skydiving will only take place if weather conditions on the day are deemed suitable. The Club will issue a Weather Notice to its members who are booked to skydive if the weather is forecast to be unsuitable for skydiving. The Weather Notice will issue the day before a members skydive booking between 3pm and 8pm. The Weather Notice will issue to the Club Members email/mobile.


Everybody knows how weather dependent skydiving is. Weather frequently interrupts our sport and we can only skydive when the weather is suitable. All Club Members are equally affected when the weather is unsuitable. If the weather is bad it simply means that you must pick another date to skydive. 

The Club does not respond to weather inquiries as we would simply get too many. If you have any complaints about the weather you should not send them to the Club as we can do nothing about it. Weather is a BIG part of our sport.  

If the weather forcast changes on the day of a skydive we may issue a weather advisory notice if we have not being able to start skydiving  due to the weather conditions we will only have the time to do this if we are not skydiving

Club Wasted Skydive Fee - €120

If you cause a skydiving slot to be wasted on the day you will incur a strict charge of €120. The Club cannot be expected to incur the whole cost of the wasted skydiving slot. Each Club Member is responsible to ensure they have every thing in order on the skydive day.

This Fee must be paid before you can make a new booking for a date 

Examples of when this fee will arise include:


  • failing to attend a booking. 

  • failing to give at least 3 full working days notice to cancel a booking. 

  • failing to meet our skydive limitations on the day.

  • failing to bring the  required charity funds.

Booking Cancellations

All Club Members are required to provide 3 full workings days notice to cancel an existing booking. The Skydive Club allows exceptions to this rule in cases of immediate family bereavement or other special circumstances - whereby the Club may allow a Member to pick a new date instead - Cancel Booking Here

What To Wear

The Club provides the jumpsuits, hats and goggles. You should wear clothes which are suited to the climate. Wear runners with laces. Do not weather bulky clothing or big boots. No belts, buckles, jewelry.  

Charity Skydivers


Club Members who have raised money for charity must bring Their Charity Card and  a bank draft/postal order on the day - make it payable to the nominated charity. 

Bank drafts and postal orders are only valid for 6 months from issue date

you must ensure draft or postal order is in date so we can issue it to the charity 

Online Fundraiser

If you raise funds online you must have a print out of funds raised and a receipt from the charity for this amount  if the fundraised is connected direct with chatity 

IF not connected direct with charity you must have a bank draft/postal order on the day for this amount  and a print out of all funds raised online 

If you do not have this with you on the day you will not be permitted to skydive. The Skydiving Club does not accept cash for charity. 

Medical Certificate


If the Club issued you a Club Medical Certificate you must have it completed by your Irish Medical Doctor. you must bring the original with you on the day. If you do not have it on the day you will not be permitted to skydive and you will be charged to Club Wasted Skydive Fee of €120.

Skydive Video / Photos


Do yourself the biggest favour and make sure to get the Video / Photos if it is your first skydive. Your first skydive is a huge achievement and is something you will want to share with your family and friends. The Skydive video will help your mind overcome the sensory overload you will experience when you skydive for the first time - Order Skydive Video

For safety reasons only skydivers with 200 skydive or more are permitted to use a camera 

For that reason no Tandem students are permitted to use their own camera 

 No Visitors are Welcome currently

Update 23-May 2020 see Covid notice  until further notice  we will revert to normal as soon as we can 

Club Members are welcome to bring friends and family to watch skydiving. Visitors are restricted to the designated areas. Kilkenny Aerodrome is an active airport with aircraft and parachutes coming and going.


Children must be kept under constant supervision by their parents or a suitable adult. Climbing of fences etc. is strictly prohibited.


It can be easy for Visitors to get frustrated if delays occur. We will not accept any Visitor approaching any Club Member complaining about delays. 

Only members skydiving are permitted at the airport and must tavel by them self or with other skydiving 

Family Members , Friends or Partners are not permitted unless skydiving too

The Club will have no difficulty instructing people to leave the airfield if strict adherence to safety is not being adhered to

Club Skydive Booking Cancellations

The club does not recommend taking time off work or booking  Accommodation for skydive dates 

The club may have to cancel dates due to aircraft maintaince or technical issues , Runway condition ,Availability of Pilots or instructors 

Any loss incurred by you if you choose to take time off work or for Accommodation

Is at your own risk and can not be redeemed from the club 


! Warning ! Warning ! Warning ! Warning ! Warning ! Warning ! Warning !

Skydiving is a dangerous and high risk sport activity. There is a risk of serious injury or death with every skydive. While training and other measures may mitigate these inherent risks, they cannot be completely eliminated.

No guarantees as to any club members safety is given by Irish Skydiving Club Clg., its agents or servants. Club Members partake in skydiving STRICTLY AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you do not understand and/or accept the risks inherent in skydiving activities, you should not participate in them. The Club has no personal injury or third party liability cover whatsoever for skydiving risk. All Club Members must sign a legally binding Voluntary Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability Agreement prior to going skydiving with the Club.