Charity Skydive Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Register here. The registration fee is €30 (an admin fee exclusive of the charity funds).

How do I get my fundraising card?

The fundraising card is posted to the home address provided when registering. Once your registration has been processed, you will receive an email confiming it has been sent.

How many fundraising cards do you send?

The club will send one fundraising card at a time. If your fundraising card is full and you require another one, post it back to the club and we will issue a new one.

How do I book my charity skydive date?

Once you have registered here and received your membership ID. Skydive Payment #1 - €120 - Must be paid within 4 weeks of registration. When this payment has been made you can go ahead and book your skydive date here.

Can I make a provisional booking?

We do not allow provisional bookings - we only cater for confirmed bookings.

What do I do with the charity funds?

You must submit the charity funds and the fundraising card on the day of your skydive. The Charity Funds must be in a Bank Draft / Postal Order and made payable to your nominated charity. (If you fundraised online - you must bring a print-out of the funds raised). We will send the funds to your nominated charity. The charity should send you a letter of thanks confirming receipt of funds. We do not lodge any charity funds to our bank account any other account controlled by us. All charity funds are sent directly to the charity. We do not accept charity funds in cash.

What happens if my chosen charity/fundraiser isn't listed?

If your chosen charity or fundraiser isn't listed, select "charity not listed" on the registration form. This will allow you to type in the name of your charity/fundraiser.

I am looking to organise a group charity skydive.

If you are planning on organising a Group Charity Skydive Challenge, here is what you must do: Step 1: Complete your own registration first. Step 2: We will email your Group Member ID. Step 3: Each registrant in your group must quote this Group Member ID when they complete registration. IMPORTANT:

Is there a limit to the size of the charity group skydive.

There is no limit on Group size.