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Our Club


We are Ireland's elite skydiving club. Our Club was established in 2010. We are the only non-profit skydiving club in Ireland in which every person who skydives with us is a Club Member. We welcome new members all the time to join our skydiving club. Our members come from all over Ireland. 


Our aim is to provide the safest and most affordable access to skydiving for our members. Our Club is funded 100% by club membership fees, generous donations and sponsorship which we receive from our amazing members and friends. The Club relies heavily on voluntary work carried out by our core Club members who bring new members skydiving .  

Our members take to the skies each year for Irish charities. Our Club Members have raised in excess of €1,500,000 EUR for Irish Charities.  

We are located just 3km from the vibrant and medieval city of Kilkenny. We are the aerodrome licence holder for Kilkenny Aerodrome. This licence is issued and renewed annually by Irish Aviation Authority. Kilkenny Aerodrome is the largest privately licenced aerodrome in the country. At 930 meters, its runway is the longest in Ireland which adds additional safety for take-off and landing of our aircraft.  

Our Club adheres to the strictest safety standards. We are consistently the safest skydiving club in Ireland. This is achieved by our adhering to the strictest and highest safety standards. Our club skydiving instructors are the most experienced in Ireland - several having logged up to 8,000 jumps each. 

Join Our Club Today!


We are the Number #1 choice in Ireland for Tandem Skydiving.


We invite you to join our elite skydiving club today and experience the ultimate experience. 


It is our commitment to our members that we will always offer the cheapest and safest skydiving in Ireland.


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