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Club Rules

Part 1 - Definitions:

"We", "Our", "Us", "the Club", means Irish Skydiving Club Limited.

"Club Member" means the person who is proposed to be or has already become a member of the Club. 

"Purchaser", "You" means any person making a purchase on this website or by any other means from the Club. 

"Third Party" means any party other than the Club.

"Website" means and all of its subpages.

"Club Rules" means all policies, rules, terms and conditions as contained on this website.


By proceeding with any purchase from the Club the Purchaser is agreeing to be bound by the Club Rules. This agreement forms a legally binding contract between the Club and the Purchaser. 


Except as otherwise provided by applicable law, governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ireland and any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.


If any provision of the Club Rules are held to be invalid by an Irish Court of competent jurisdiction, under any applicable law, the other rules shall nevertheless remain valid to the extent that the remaining provisions are capable of standing without the provision ruled invalid. The Club Rules are strict and the Club does not make any exceptions retrospectively. If the Purchaser does not agree with and accept the Club Rules he/she should not make any purchase from the Club.

Part 2 - General Rules

2.1. Legally Binding Agreement

  1. By proceeding with any purchase and/or making any skydive booking and/or using any other service from or on this Website, the Purchaser and/or the Club Member are freely and voluntarily entering into a legally binding agreement which is subject to the Club Rules (the "Agreement"). 

  2. The Purchasers statutory rights are unaffected by the Club Rules except where the applicable laws permit any waiver to same and where the waiver permits the foregoing terms and conditions to be enforceable.

  3. No Club Rules may be altered, amended and/or waived whatsoever, except expressly in writing by us.  

  4. If any provision of the Club Rules are invalid and/or unenforceable and/or is severed for any reason whatsoever under any applicable law, the remaining Club Rules shall nevertheless remain valid and/or enforceable to the fullest extent that they are capable of so doing.

2.2. ​Jurisdiction

  1. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of Ireland and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.

  2. The constitution of the Club shall govern all disputes had herein. 

  3. If, for any reason whatsoever, it is deemed by an Irish Court of competent jurisdiction, for any claim whatsoever arising and/or alleged to arise under this Agreement, which fall within the monetary jurisdiction of the District Court, it shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Dublin Metropolitan District Court.

2.3. ​Purchases & Refunds

  1. All purchases made on this Website are strictly non-refundable.

  2. Payments for any purchase made on this Website made must be authorised by the cardholder and/or PayPal account holder.

  3. Refunds will be given, where the Purchaser submits a written request by email to the Club, within 14 days from the date of making any purchase on this Website, except, where the commencement of the Club's membership services  has already taken place. 

  4. We reserve the right, to issue a refund to the Purchaser, for any reason whatsoever, and without prejudice to anything herein or otherwise, and without any admission of fault and/or liability.

  5. Confirmation of membership to the Club will be issued only to the email address provided by the Member. 

  6. Refunds are subject to an administration fee of €20 or 4% If the refund amount is less than the applicable administration fee, no refund will be made

2.4. Transfer of Club Membership

  1. Transfer of Club Membership may be permitted provided membership has not already commenced.

  2. Transfer requests must be made by the Purchaser by email to the Club. 

  3. Transfers have a cost of €50

  4. All transfers are at our sole and exclusive discretion.

  5. We reserve the sole and exclusive right to revoke any transfers for any reason whatsoever. 

2.5. Charity Fundraising

  1. Discounted Skydive Membership may not be used for or associated with, any charity fundraising whatsoever unless expressly approved in writing by us. 


Part 3 - Skydive Booking & Rescheduling Rules


3.1. Making a Skydive Booking Request & Confirmations:

  1. Skydive Bookings must be made on this Website.

  2. Skydive Bookings must be made in advance of a given skydive day. 

  3. Skydive Bookings are confirmed only when we issue the Booking Confirmation to the Club Member's email address.

  4. The Skydive Booking Confirmation will state inter alia, the date, arrival time and the location of the skydive.

  5. We do not and are unable to confirm the time that the skydive will actually take place on any given day. 

3.2. Rescheduling a Confirmed Skydive Booking​:

  1. A Club Member may reschedule a confirmed Skydive Booking using only our online Booking Reschedule Request.

  2. Three full working days notice (i.e. Mon-Fri - 72 hrs) is required to reschedule a confirmed Skydive Booking.

  3. We reserve the right to re-schedule and/or relocate Skydive Bookings, due to any operational, technical and/or other reasons including but not limited to, aircraft technical issues, without any responsibility whatsoever for any cost, expense and/or or inconvenience, caused to the Club Member for same. 

3.3. Limitations on making a Skydive Bookings: 

  1. Skydive Booking dates are subject to strict limited availability.

  2. Skydive Bookings may only be made using a full paid Skydive. 

  3. Skydive Bookings are subject to any limitations on the Skydive. 

  4. Skydive Bookings may only be made for dates which are available between April and October of each calendar year and subject to any limitations on the Skydive. 

  5. The Club Member is the only person who is permitted to make a Skydive Booking Request for his/her skydive and one party cannot make a Skydive Booking for another party. 

  6. Club Members may only have a single confirmed Skydive Booking at any given time.

  7. Where the Club issues a Weather Notice to the Club Member, he/she is free to make a new Skydive Booking, subject to any any limitations on club membership. 

  8. Skydive Bookings requests which do not contain the required information are invalid.

3.4. Obligations of Parties:

  1. We undertake to provide Club Members with reasonable access to our Skydive Booking facility and the Club Member undertakes to advise us by email, without undue delay, where he/she is prevented from and/or has any difficulty making a Skydive Booking on this Website. 

  2. The Club Member is responsible to ensure that the Skydive Booking Confirmation details are correct and we do not accept any responsibility for any error for same. 

  3. The Club Member is required to comply with the Instructions contained in the Skydive Booking Confirmation. 

  4. On the day of a given Skydive Booking, the Club Member is required to commit to the full day, which may inherently involve delays due to unsuitable weather and his/her early and/or premature departure from the Dropzone, without our express agreement will result in the No Show Fee being charged. 


3.5. Failing to Attend a Confirmed Skydive Booking or Attending but Failing to Meet Skydive Limitations:

  1. The Club Member expressly recognises and accepts, that Skydive Bookings are limited and valuable and that we are put to cost, expense and inconvenience when the Club Member fails to attend such booking or, does attend but fails to meet the strict skydive requirements resulting in the Club Member being unfit to skydive.

  2. In recognition of the above, the Club Member will be subject to a fee of €120 each ("No Show Fee") in respect of the following failures on the part of the Club Member:


  • Failure to attend a confirmed Skydive Booking.

  • Failure to attend a confirmed Skydive Booking and not make the required Reschedule Request. 

  • Failure to meet the required height, weight, age and medical limitations.

  • Failure to have any required medical certification of fitness to skydive (where required to do so).

  • failing to bring the  required charity funds.

Part 4 - Weather Limitations & Notices Rules


4.1. Weather Limitations​:

  1. Skydiving is subject to strict Weather Limitations, including wind, visibility and cloud cover. 

  2. We do not and/or cannot guarantee that the Skydive Club Member will skydive on the day of a Confirmed Skydive Booking. 

  3. The Purchaser and/or the Club Member, expressly recognise that Irish Weather is inherently, unpredictable and given the nature of such climate, the forecasting of weather which is suitable for skydiving is notoriously difficult, unreliable and/or inaccurate.

  4. We do not accept any responsibility whatsoever, for any costs and/or expense and/or inconvenience whatsoever which is caused to any party whatsoever, as a result of unsuitable weather.

4.2. Weather Notices:

  1. The Club will issue a Weather Notice to is members where it believes that the weather will not be suitable for a Skydive Booking. 

  2. Weather Notices will be issued by SMS Text and/or Email to the contact details provided by the Club Member.

  3. Where the Club issues a Weather Notice, it will do so the day before  of the confirmed Skydive Booking. 

  4. The issue of a Weather Notice by the Club does not mean the Club has cancelled the members Skydive Booking.

  5. The issue of a Weather Notice by the Club is done for the convenience of the Club Member and it is undertaken strictly as a courtesy only, and in no way does it create and/or impose any duty and/or obligation whatsoever on the Club to the Club Member or otherwise to any third party, whether in law or equity.

  6. The Club Member will take the required steps which are outlined in the Weather Notice. 

  7. Unsuitable weather does not provide for any entitlement whatsoever to any time extensions on Club Membership except where otherwise provided for in the Club Rules.

Part 5 - Skydive & Flight Limitation Rules


5.1. Height, Weight, Age & Medical Limitations​:

  1. Strictly height, weight, age and medical limitations apply to skydive - See Tandem Skydive

  2. Members must be a minimum of 18 years of age prior to booking a skydive date  

  3. The Club Member will not be permitted to skydive if he/she does not meet the strict limitations. 

  4. Where such refusal to skydive occurs, a name change may be permitted.

  5. The Club Member is required to disclose full medical details and make a declaration of same, before being permitted to Skydive and, if any material change has occurred since the making of such disclosure and/or declaration, she/she must advise the Club in writing by email. 

  6. Eligibility to skydive is taken on a case by case basis, and given the high level of risk of personal injury or death, which is inherent in skydiving, it is not possible to provide a guarantee of such eligibility or to outline each and every circumstance for eligibility. 

  7. In certain circumstances, the Club Member may be required to have our designated Medical Certificate, to be completed only by a Irish Licensed Medical Doctor.


5.2. Limitations:

  1. The Tandem Skydive may be affected by weather and/or air-traffic control restrictions and/or operational demands. 

  2. The Tandem Skydive will take place up to 10,000ft AGL and not below 7,500ft AGL, except in the case of an aircraft emergency.

  3. We reserve the right to permanently and/or temporarily refuse a Club Member to make a Skydive Booking and/or to skydive and/or membership of the Club for any reason whatsoever - Where such refusal occurs, a name change may be permitted.

  4. Due to aircraft operational limitations, including weight and balance, we cannot guarantee that a Club Member will be put on the same aircraft flight as any other Club Member. 

Part 6 - Club Membership & Private Flight Rules

6.1 The Club:

  1. The Club is a not-for-profit organisation and exists for the purpose of air-sports promotion for its Members.

  2. The Club undertakes aircraft flights for skydiving, in its registered aircraft or otherwise, for its members only, and such flights are undertaken as private non-commercial flights, in compliance with the relevant domestic and EU aviation regulations.

6.2 Club Membership Limitations

   1. Discounted Skydive Club Membership is subject to a time Limitation (12 months)

   2. You must complete your Skydive before Club Membership runs out.

   3. Unlimited membership is valid until your skydive is completed 

6.3 Skydive Season 

   1. Skydive Season is April to end of october 

   Due to unsuitable weather and dangerous skydiving conditions throughout the Winter months

   The temperatures can reach -20 degrees at 10,000ft during Winter.

7.2. Obligation to Notify of Publication

  1. Where the Purchaser and/or the Club Member, its servants or agents, intend to publish any complaint and/or review and/or opinion, on any public forum whatsoever, (including but not limited to social media platforms, the print and broadcast media), which is adverse to Our interests in any way whatsoever, the Purchaser and/or the Club Member shall provide to the Club, a verbatim copy of such intended publication, not less than 21 days prior to the actual publication of same, in order for Us to have a fair and reasonable opportunity to be aware of same and/or to respond and not to be unfairly taken by surprise.  



  1. For Full Details - See Here

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