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Tandem Skydive 


Freefalling through the sky at speeds of up to 200km/h is an incredible experience that you will never forget.

You will never forget the feeling of the aircraft door opening, sliding over and falling out. You will feel the force of

the 200km wind blasting on to your body like nothing else. You'll be glad to know that breathing normally is perfectly fine and easy to do during freefall. You will experience freefall for up to 35 seconds. 

Parachute Flight & Landing


At approximately 5,000ft AGL the Tandem Instructor deploys the primary parachute. Once the parachute is fully

open everything then becomes much quieter. At this point you assist with steering and navigating the parachute

guided at all times by the Tandem Instructor. Navigating the parachute is enjoyable. The Parachute Flight is silent, peaceful and is an enjoyable and is the more relaxing part of the skydive. The Parachute Flight lasts approximately 4-5 minutes until touchdown on the aerodrome.

Our Club Tandem Instructors will tell you when it is time to get into your landing position The Instructor will perform a flare for a softer landing. The most important thing you must do is get your legs up as instructed. 

Skydive Safety Limitations


You must meet all of our Skydive Safety Limitations to be permitted to skydive. These strict limitations exist

solely for safety reasons. The minimum age to skydive is strictly 18 years. The oldest is 65 years. Our safety limitations are STRICT and there are no exceptions.


Height & Weight Limits:


Tandem Skydiving is subject to very strict height and weight limits for safety reasons.

This is not only for your safety but also for the safety and consideration of the Club Instructors. 

If 71”+ inches in height the max weight allowed is 225 lbs – provided our Club Instructors are willing to take you. Our Club Instructors are not obliged to take any person weighing over 210 lbs

Our Club instructors charge a fee of €35 for any person weighing over 210 lbs and 71"+

Skydiving Equipment has certified maximum weight limitations. This maximum weight-limit determines

how much weight combined is permitted to be carried on the parachute equipment. This is obviously

essential for a number of obvious safety factors including a safer landing and to mitigate chance of injury.

Skydiving requires a certain minimum level of personal fitness, flexibility and agility. It is imperative that

you are able to hold your legs up for landing to mitigate the chances of personal injury to you or the Instructor. 

Medical Limits:


The inherent and obvious safety risks involved in skydiving means that even a perfectly fit and healthy person

can suffer injury or even death. Having a past or reoccurring medical condition may exasperate the risk of injury.


If you continue to have reoccurring symptoms from an injury or medical condition you may be required to obtain a medical certificate of fitness to skydive. It is not always clear-cut as to whether a person is medically fit to skydive. It is not just your safety which concerns us. It is also the safety of the club skydiving instructor who you will be attached to for the Tandem Skydive. 


Members must complete a Personal Medical Declaration on the day of a Skydive. If you do not meet our medical

limitations you will not be allowed to skydive. 


Medical limitations apply:


  • If you are suffering from any symptoms from a personal injury. 

  • If you are suffering from any symptoms from a medical condition.

  • If you are prescribed certain medications.  

  • If you have certain surgically installed rods, plates, pins, screws.

  • If you had invasive surgery for any reason in the past 12 months. 

  • If you have a physical or mental disability.

  • If you have any mental health issues. 

  • if you are 60 years of age or over 


If any of the these medical limits apply to your circumstances you must follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Contact us in advance of booking and advise of your personal circumstances.

Step 2: A Doctors Medical Certificate may be required.

Step 3: The final decision strictly rests strictly with the Club - ultimately you proceed at your own risk. 

Safety is Paramount


Our Skydiving Club has the best safety record in Ireland. We achieve this best safety standard by adhering to the highest safety standards.


Skydive Season 


Due to weather conditions throughout the Winter months, the skydive season is April – October. Freezing temperatures can drop to -25 degrees at 10,000ft during Winter.

Height to weight
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