Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once I have made my online purchase?

During office hours the club will process your purchase and we will issue notice via email detailing your skydive and membership ID. You can print this PDF file if giving it as a gift.

Do I need to become a member to skydive, even if it's just one skydive?

Yes, as we are a members only club, anyone that wants to skydive with the club must become a club member. All skydives sold on the clubs website comes with 12 months club membership as part of the payment

What is the benefit of becoming a member?

By purchasing a skydive and membership with the club, you can experience the cheapest and safest skydiving in ireland. All additional skydives during your membership period are only €199.

Is there an age limit?

Minimum age is 18 max age is 65, for more details see here.

Is there a weight limit?

Anyone doing the skydive must meet the BMI limitations. There is a height to weight chart available to check, see here.

Are there medical limitations?

Yes, there are medical limitations. For more details see the medical limits section here.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day I have booked?

Unfortunately, weather frequently interrupts our sport and we can only skydive when the weather is suitable. If your booking is affected by weather you must book another date within your membership period.

How long will I have to wait on a day?

Typically around 6 Club Members jump per hour when everything runs according to schedule - subject to weather or tech issues.

Can I take a GoPro on the jump and film the skydive myself?

Unfortunately, these cameras can pose as an entanglement hazard, so it is strictly prohibited for safety reasons for a Student Skydiver to bring any camera equipment on the skydive. The Club Skydiving Instructors are trained specifically to skydive with camera equipment – which you can book to have on your skydive. Book Online:

What should I wear on the day of the skydive?

The Club provides the jumpsuits, hats and goggles. You should wear clothes which are suited to the climate. Wear runners with laces. Do not weather bulky clothing or big boots. No belts, buckles, jewelry.

I am interested in doing a skydive for charity.

Check out our Charity FAQs here.

Can I pay online using my debit or credit card?

Yes, to do this select "buy now" once you have filled out all the details in the skydive form. A new window will open with your order summary, select "Check out with PayPal". This will then take you to payment options where you can either use a PayPal account or "Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card" If the option to use your card is not showing up, it may be the device you are using. We would recommend trying on a laptop or pc using Google Chrome.

How do i book a skydive

Step 1 Purchase your skydive and membership from the clubs online shop

Click here

Step 2 We will Issue your id during office hours Monday to friday 10:00-17:00 Step 3 Once you have your ID you can check available dates and book your prefered date Click Here

Do i receive something in the post after purchase

No to reduce waste and delays in the postal service We issue a conformation email attached to this email is a pdf file This contains the name of the person skydiving,Skydive type,and Membership id You can print off if giving as a gift

What happens if Covid restrictions affect the date I have booked?

Unfortunately, Covid restrictions in now a thing we must deal with in a ongoing baisis and we can only skydive when it is safe to do so . If your booking is affected by goverment covid restrictions you must cancel your current date and book another date