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Requirement to Cancel a Booking


Any Club Member who wishes to cancel a booking must give us at least 3 full workings days notice. Cancellation of a booking must be done online: Click Here to Cancel a Booking

Weather Notifications


Skydiving is entirely dependent on suitable weather. The Club does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss, inconvenience caused by unsuitable weather. You should not partake in outdoor pursuits which are highly weather dependent if you do not accept the frustration that goes with it. All Club Members are equally affected by unsuitable weather. 

If the Club believes that a jumping day will be affected by unsuitable weather it will issue a Weather Notice to its members. The Weather Notice will issue only to those Club Members who have a booking. Weather Notices will issue by email and/or text notification. The Club will endeavor to give as much notice as possible but this will depend very much on the predictability of the weather. It may be necessary to make another booking.

Arrival Times / Jump Times


The Club only provides the time to arrive to the dropzone. The Club is unable to confirm what time any member will actually jump. Delays can occur for any amount of reasons including weather and aircraft tech issues. Such is the nature of sport skydiving. 

What To Wear


The Club provides the jumpsuits, hats and goggles. You should wear clothes which are suited to the climate. Wear runners with laces. Do not weather bulky clothing or big boots. No belts, buckles, jewelry.  

you must wear your face mask from the time you enter the airport until the time you leave the airport 

Charity Skydivers


Club Members who have raised money for charity must bring a bank draft/postal order on the day. Make it payable to the charity. If you do not have this with you on the day you will not be permitted to skydive. The Skydiving Club does not accept cash for charity. 

Wasted Skydive Fee

If you cause a skydiving slot to be wasted on the day you will incur a strict charge of €120. The Club cannot be expected to incur the whole cost of the wasted skydiving slot. Each Club Member is responsible to ensure they have every thing in order on the skydive day. Examples of when this fee will arise include:


  • failing to attend a booking. 

  • failing to give at least 3 full working days notice to cancel or reschedule a booking. 

  • failing to meet our skydive limitations on the day.

  • failing to bring the  required charity funds.

Visitors are Welcome 

Club Members are welcome to bring friends and family to watch them skydiving. It can be easy for Visitors to get frustrated if delays occur. We will not accept any Visitor approaching any Club Member complaining about delays. 


Visitors are restricted to the designated areas. Kilkenny Aerodrome is an active airport with aircraft and parachutes coming and going. Children must be kept under constant supervision by their parents or a suitable adult. Climbing of fences is strictly prohibited.

We will have no difficulty instructing people to leave the airfield if strict adherence to safety is not being adhered to. 


! Warning ! Warning ! Warning ! Warning ! Warning ! Warning ! Warning !

Skydiving is a dangerous and high risk sport activity. There is a risk of serious injury or death with every skydive. While training and other measures may mitigate these inherent risks, they cannot be completely eliminated.

No guarantees as to any club members safety is given by Irish Skydiving Club Ltd., its agents or servants. Club Members partake in skydiving STRICTLY AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you do not understand and/or accept the risks inherent in skydiving activities, you should not participate in them. The Club has no personal injury or third party liability cover whatsoever for skydiving risk. All Club Members must sign a legally binding Voluntary Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability Agreement prior to going skydiving with the Club. 

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