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COVID-19 NOTICE: 30/04/2021 12:00hrs



Under the Government's Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021: The 'Plan for Living with

COVID-19' is a 5-Level Framework for measures which has been developed by the government to  help us to go about our daily lives as much as possible, while managing the behaviour of the virus. 


Skydives will recommence on 7th June 2021  

Skydive Season 


Due to unsuitable weather and dangerous skydiving conditions throughout the Winter months, the skydive season is April – October. Freezing temperatures can drop to -25 degrees at 10,000ft during Winter.


We require and encourage all of our members to adhere to the best recommend practice for living  with Covid-19.


Social Distancing at Kilkenny Airport


Kilkenny Airport is situated on 65 acres of open land and is ideally suited to facilitating social  distancing.In the interest of our members safety and to comply with best social distancing  practices,  we are operating to strict limitations and restrictions as follows:


  • Booking appointments will be staged through-out the day.

  • Only members who are skydiving may attend the airport.  

  • Spectators are not permitted to attend the airport. 

  • Wearing of a suitable face-mask is is mandatory at the airport, inside airport buildings and  aircraft.  

  • Maintain appropriate safety precaution for coughing and sneezing etc.  

  • Shaking hands is not permitted.

  • Regular hand sanitizing is required.

  • When skydiving each person must also wear a buff to keep your mask on during your skydive 


Strict Limitation


No member should make or attend a booking if you are experiencing any symptoms which are  consistent with Covid-19 or if you suffer from an underlying medial condition that puts you at higher  risk from Covid-19 or you will be refused access to the airport. On the day prior to your attending a  booking you must advise us by email whether you have ever been diagnosed or have been  suspected of having Covid-19.

We will endeavor to keep our members advised. Our members stand in solidarity with all who have  suffered and continue to suffer as a result of Covid-19 including those suffering from the massive  economic fallout. As a country, we must take a balanced approach in protecting our health, safety  and well-being which is also inherently linked to our economy.

Any days of active membership that were affected due to level 5 government guidelines during the skydive season , will be added to your membership.

No Government Supports Received


We are a not-for-profit club and have received no financial or other supports whatsoever from the  State in our battle against Covid-19 and the Government restrictions since Covid-19 hit Ireland. We  are working hard and are succeeding to ensure that our club continues to maintain the best  standards of safety and service for our loyal and dedicated members. We urge the Government to  provide financial supports for all not-for-profit sport clubs all around the country. 


Be Safe!

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